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Characters {put your character forms here}

Name -- Gender Symbol -- Species {almost always humanoid} // Screenname
History {how they were found and brought here from their world or however else they got here}
Kin - Relationships {friends, dates, etc} - Age - Where they're from {dimension. show, world, etc}


Violet -- ♀ -- Humanoid Fairy // Borderline Crazy
With medium length black hair that falls around her waist, odd, bedazzling purple eyes, and slightly darker than naturally tan skin {hard to explain}, Violet sounds mostly like your average human girl, correct? You have never been more wrong. Upon her head proudly sit two large, twisting horns, and massive black wings sprout from her back, their feathers trailing across the ground as she walks. If you haven't guessed her mother quite yet, know she has quite prominent, sharp cheekbones and eyes that turn an emerald green when she uses magic for anything other than good. You guessed it: her mother is the feared Maleficent. Well, actually, her mother isn't exactly bad anymore. but no one seems to get that. This causes Violet to be either feared, hated, or taunted, and she has begun to feel like there's no point in trying to be kind or friendly if no one accepts her kindness. This makes her very guarded, and she will often snap at those who try to get any personal information from her. She can actually be quite kind and caring, and she definitely has quite the soft spot for her one and only good friend {who she totally is in love with but let's not get into that} Celeste, who she's known for a little over a year. She is a bit over protective of Celeste- who she calls Cassie-, and she often forgets the girl has many tricks up her sleeve for getting out {and into} situations. Cassie could be considered her only visible weakness, and if anyone wanted to get to her, talking about her mother or trying to harm her friend would work perfectly.
Her mother is Maleficent, but any other family is unknown. - Celeste Winchester is her best friend; she is in love with Celeste as well, but not even she realizes this - 17 - The Moors { from the 2015(?) movie by Disney called Maleficent}

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